Youth Athletics



  • Click here to sign up NOW!
  • Due to limited playing locations, we are only taking the first 900 players.  The deadline is October 20th.  We will close registration when we hit 900 or on 10/20, whatever comes first.  
  • Available to Kindergarten through 12th graders based on the 2022/2023 school year
  • Fee includes uniform
  • School based


2022 Winter soccer

  • Available to 3 year olds (and older 2’s) through 8th grade.
  • Fee includes shirt & socks.
  • School based.  Register by the middle school your child will eventually attend (or currently attends).
  • Check back later for registration deadline and link

Questions about Youth Athletics?

  • For baseball / softball / t-ball and soccer, call Jesse at 229-333-1853 or email him at
  • For football and basketball, call Cameron at 229-333-1853 or email him at 
  • For cheerleading and volleyball, call Kelly at 229-259-3507 or email her at

Text & Email Alerts

We offer free text & email alerts for game cancellations. They are the fastest way to find out if we are cancelling games or events based on bad weather or other emergencies. We will only send alerts if it affects a large number of people. For instance, we will send alerts when games are cancelled or when practices for an entire league or an entire park are cancelled.

We will not send text alerts for individual team announcements or cancellations. If a coach cancels practice, it is up to him or her to alert his/her players. We have alerts for all of our sports and they are (mostly) broken down by season. You will have to register for alerts at the beginning of each season. This keeps participants from getting unwanted texts.  Standard text messaging rates may apply.