Authority Board

Mission Statement

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks & Recreation Authority continually strives to be the leading force in superior, affordable recreation services and facilities for all residents of Valdosta and Lowndes County. The Authority aims to promote a high quality of life for the entire population and support residents’ values while growing a healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible community.

How we operate

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks and Recreation Authority is a Municipal Authority, supported by various revenue sources: taxpayer funds from Valdosta and Lowndes County residents, program fees, rental fees, and grants. A board of directors, which is made up of both Lowndes County and Valdosta representatives, manages the Authority. The Valdosta City Council and the Lowndes County Commission are charged with selecting their representatives, who each serve three-year terms. The Board works closely with VLPRA’s Executive Director, who is in charge of day-to-day operations and manages the full-time and part-time staff. Anyone interesting in serving on the VLPRA Board should apply through the City Council or the County Commission, respectively.

Board Members

  • Executive Director: George Page
  • Suzan Prince, Chairman (Lowndes Co. Appointee)
  • Bubba Highsmith, Board Member (Lowndes Co. Appointee)
  • Tim McCoppin, Board Member (City of Valdosta Appointee)
  • Dr. Vince Miller, Board Member (Lowndes Co. Appointee)
  • Reginald Mitchell, Board Member (City of Valdosta Appointee)
  • Dr. Alvin Payton, Jr, Board Member (City of Valdosta Appointee)
  • Stan Rome, Board Member (City of Valdosta Appointee)
  • Richard Hardy, City of Valdosta Ex-Officio
  • Paige Dukes, Lowndes County Ex-Officio