Drexel Park

Drexel Park is one of VLPRA's most used parks and is known for hosting the annual Azalea Festival. The park is about 11 acres and offers ample shaded green space. It is conveniently located by Valdosta State University and features a creek with a picturesque bridge and a large variety of indigenous plant life with tree species labeled throughout the park. It is bordered by Azalea City Multipurpose Trail. Children love to play on the large play structure with bridges, monkey bars, and slides as well as the swing sets. The park is outfitted with electricity and is available for rent.


  • Large Parks are available for rent in sections and typically require a large park permit. 
  • Please contact our main office at 229-259-3507 for more information.
Image of a swing set in a park.
Image of landscaping and trees in a park.
Image of a playground in a park with a blue sky.


Drexel Park
1401 North Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31601