Kid's Kitchen

Participants will become junior chefs as they have the opportunity to create healthy meals while learning about positive food choices, kitchen safety, and various cooking techniques. Kids will go on field trips to farms and grocery stores to learn about how food makes it form the ground to their table. They will wrap up the week by cooking and serving lunch to their parents on Friday. Bring your appetite and enjoy!  

Our 2019 Kid's Kitchen Camp was a huge success! See you next summer!

Registration: TBD
Days: TBD
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Who: Children ages 6-12
Price: $90 per child
Location: Wood Valley Community Center (1907 Gornto Road, Valdosta).

An image of a girl stretching pizza dough.
An image of little boys cooking.
Image of a little girl eating an ice cream cone.
An image of a woman helping a little girl stir a bowl of batter.