Christmas Card Cruise

Image of the 2023 Christmas Card Cruise flyer.


Welcome to VLPRA’s community-wide “Christmas Card Cruise.” This is an outdoor exhibit comprised of larger-than-life holiday “cards” created by local businesses, non-profits, families, individuals, etc. Create your own card and display it in front of your home or business from December 1st to the first week of January. VLPRA will compile a list of cards and create a map so people can drive around and view cards all over the city and county!  The map will be available here: Please note it will not populate until December 1st.



  • The VLPRA Christmas Card Cruise is open to all businesses and residents of Lowndes County. 

Process and Fee

  • Simply sign up at the link above here for free.  There are no fees to register your card.
  • YOU are responsible for purchasing materials, creating your own card, and decorating your own card.  You understand by signing up that VLPRA takes no responsibility for your card, purchasing decisions, contents, set up, decoration, or take down.
  • We will stop accepting registrations on December 15th at 5:00PM.  Miss the deadline?  That's okay!  Make a card anyway!  It just won't be on this year's map. 

Important info:

  • Participants must provide their own card and decorating materials as well as a way to light the card at night. VLPRA does not provide any materials.
  • Designs must be holiday themed and suitable for public viewing by all ages to be listed on the community map. Anything not holiday related will not be included on the community map.  Please keep the cards in the spirit of which they are intended.  This is a holiday display, not one meant for political purposes or for any type of vulgarity.  This is a family-friendly activity.
  • Please note that we ask for the address where the card will be located.  That spot will be placed on a Google map for the public to see.

Purchase list for building your card.  This is a suggested list:

  • Two 4x8 foot sheets of ½ inch plywood; cut them yourself or have the hardware store cut them to 4x6 sheets. You will then use the 4x6 sheets to make the card.
  • Two packs of 2.5 inch hinges (comes with screws) to hinge the card together.
  • At least one gallon of Killz exterior primer and roller/pan.
  • One 2x4x8 piece of treated lumber cut into four 2-foot pieces.  This is for the feet to keep it stable. You will use a skill saw set at two inches to create the feet.
  • Paints and paint brushes for art.
  • Polyurethane finishing spray to protect the piece after you have painted it
  • Two solar lights (one for each panel of the card).
  • We suggest using cardboard or some other material to place between the card panels when you take the card down and fold it to store.

Tools Needed:

  • Drill with Philips head bit to attach hinges
  • Skill saw to notch the feet (saw should be set at 2-inch depth).  You may not need this if the hardware store will cut it.
  • Measuring tape
  • A trusty pencil to mark your place before any cuts!

VLPRA reserves the right to refuse cards for the map at in its sole discretion.


Image of a jumbo Christmas Card set up outside featuring the Grinch.