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Adult Softball Official Contractor Application

  1. Type of Experience*
    Indicate the type of experience you have with baseball and softball. Select any and all that apply
  2. How many years of experience do you have in any of the categories you checked?
  3. Do you now or have you ever held a certification for referring, officiating, or umpiring any sport? If so, please describe it here.
    1. This is a contract position that is paid per game. It is not considered full or part time employment. 2. VLPRA runs initial and annual criminal history checks on all officials using the NRPA criminal screening standard. If you are selected to officiate for VLPRA, you must pass this initial screening and annually pass to continue officiating. 3. To officiate for VLPRA, you will be required to attend occasional paid trainings. 4. VLPRA officials will be expected to wear officiating attire. Acceptable attire colors may change between sports/seasons. 5. Officials will be paid for games officiated and trainings attended on the biweekly pay schedule for VLPRA employees and contractors.
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