Youth Baseball Schedules

Please click below to see schedules for Youth Spring Baseball, Softball, & T-Ball

T-Ball National League
T-Ball American League
5-6 Coach Pitch
5-7 Coach Pitch American League
5-7 Coach Pitch National League
7-8 Coach Pitch
7-8 Girls
9-10 Boys Baseball
9-10 Girls Softball
11-12 Boys Baseball
11-12 Girls Softball

Thanks for playing ball at VLPRA!


Be sure to sign up for text message rain alerts.  We encourage every parent and/or participant to sign up for these alerts, as they are the fastest way to find out if we are cancelling games or events based on bad weather or other emergencies.  We will only send alerts if it affects a large number of people.  For instance, we will send alerts when games are cancelled or when practices for an entire league or an entire park are cancelled. We will not send text alerts for individual team announcements or cancellations.  If a coach cancels practice, it is up to him or her to alert his/her players.

We do not charge for text alerts and they are optional, but recommended. (Standard text messaging rates do apply, so please check with your carrier to make sure you will not receive charges from your cell phone provider).

1. Go to and search for VLPRA. Click on the blue underlined VLPRA link.
   a. Enter your phone number, click the box for “Agree to terms of service”, then click “Start Signup”
   b. Check your phone.  You should get a text message from 844-83.  Inside this text, you will find your validation code.  Enter that code into    
         the space on the website and click “Validate Code”.
  c. The site will then take you to the “Receive Alerts” section.  We have alerts for all of our sports and they are broken down by season.        
  d. Please click “Subscribe” for every set of alerts that applies to you. You will want to click “2017 Spring Youth Baseball & Softball”.  The alerts  
     are seasonal, so you won't get alerts after this season ends.

2. If you would like to also register your email address, please go back to the main page ( and follow the same instructions
    as above, using your email address instead of your cell phone number.

To summarize: ---> search VLPRA ----> click on the blue link ----> register for alerts!