What's Happening at McKey Park?

What's happening at McKey Park?  Is someone building something?

The answers: a lot and we sure are!  VLPRA is grateful for our robust tennis program and beautiful tennis center at McKey Park.  Because of the popularity and growth of the sport, the need arose for new courts.  The Authority is now in the process of building an additional six courts at McKey Park.  The addition will be completed by the fall.  The new courts allow for continued free play as well as offer an avenue for larger tournaments. 

While this is a VLPRA project, the Authority worked with various community groups and planners.  VLPRA has taken great care in creating a lush landscape at the project's completion and has worked with the City of Valdosta's arbor division to ensure that the trees planted in the new landscape will be appealing and environmentally appropiate.  You can see a conceptual rendering below.  What the concept does not illustrate up close is the landscape plan for the area between the courts and Patterson Street.  The plan calls for oaks, loblolly pines, azaleas, and various flowering trees in that area and around the courts to provide greenspace and curb appeal.    

Thank you for your patience as we progress on this project and we look forward to a beautiful final result.