Youth Athletics


Check back soon for Summer Soccer registration that opens in May!



Youth Basketball

Please click below for youth basketball schedules.  

Girls Leagues
Kindergarten/1st Grade Girls

2nd/3rd Grade Girls

4th/5th Grade Girls

Boys Leagues
Kindergarten/1st Grade Boys

2nd Grade Boys

3rd Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

7th/8th Grade Boys

***Valwood School will operate a concession stand at games located in their gym.  The concessions will include snacks as well as breakfast/lunch foods when time appropriate.  Dates for Valwood Concessions: January 27th, February 10th, March 8th, March 9th.

Youth Soccer
U-6 Schedule
U-8 Schedule
U-12 Schedule


Questions about Youth Athletics?

Call our youth athletics office at 333-1853 and ask for:
-Jesse for baseball/softball/tball and soccer
-Mike for football, basketball, and volleyball


We offer text alerts for game cancellations.  They are the fastest way to find out if we are cancelling games or events based on bad weather or other emergencies.  We will only send alerts if it affects a large number of people.  For instance, we will send alerts when games are cancelled or when practices for an entire league or an entire park are cancelled. We will not send text alerts for individual team announcements or cancellations.  If a coach cancels practice, it is up to him or her to alert his/her players. We have alerts for all of our sports and they are (mostly) broken down by season. You will have to register for alerts at the beginning of each season. This keeps participants from getting unwanted texts.

We do not charge for text alerts and they are optional, but recommended. (Standard text messaging rates do apply, so please check with your carrier to make sure you will not receive charges from your cell phone provider).

Go to ---> search VLPRA ----> click on the link ----> register for alerts!